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Thank you, military! (A tribute to soldiers in spanking romance)

thank you military


In honor of this year’s Memorial Day, I am doing something different.

First and foremost, thank you to all the brave military men and women who have served and are serving our country. Thank you to the spouses and families who carry on without their loved ones- sometimes, forever. Thank you to the business who bless the families and soldiers.

As a former Navy Brat, Army wife, and Army Captain, I have seen both sides of the military life, and am so grateful for all the awesome blessings I have today.

So Thank you!!!

Today, I am sharing some books that show the different sides of military life. Yes these are fiction, but they honor the before, during, and after effects, either from the soldiers’ perspective or the significant other.

If you decide to buy or read a book this weekend, please consider one of these.

And thank you to the authors who incorporated U.S military men or women as main characters in their stories.

These are just the ones that jumped into my mind first. I am sure there are plenty more from the spanking romance / erotic romance genre. Please feel free to add others in your comments below. 🙂

Happy Memorial Day!


Taming-Kat-Big         Amazon Link

 I loved this book, and appreciated the author including PTSD as part of the male main character’s development. Not only was it sexy, and a ton of fun, but the brief explanation of PTSD really rounded him out.



as natural as breathing               Amazon Link

I love the premise of this story.  A scarred. wounded soldier, fresh from Afghanistan, still fighting his own battles. But he meets a man who is not afraid to love him for who he is. It sounds like a beautiful love story.  M/M



livs journey                Amazon Link

This was one of my very first books by Patricia Green, so it has a special place in my heart. I loved the fact that it had a non typical female character- a plus sized model. Kudos to Patricia for that. But what really made me fall in love with the whole Journey family (this is one of my favorite families), was Trey. Uber sexy, dominant, former military man- two tours in Afghanistan. I loved this story!


general's daughter           Amazon Link

This series is about a military family- Marines. I loved this story, and adore Sam, the female MC. She is just so much fun! All the men in her family, (her brother, father and Uncle) spank her to keep her in line. If I were being completely honest, I would tell you not only that this series given me a TON of wonderful fantasies, and I am also seriously crushing on Uncle Scott.  Yum!


callie mae and marine        Amazon link

Okay, I loved the premise of this story! A wounded former marine dealing with depression after his release from duty. He agrees to do a secret project- time travel to the old west. This one is on my Kindle. I can’t wait to read it. I love Stevie! 🙂 (I also love all the O’Malley’s!)


sir yes sir       Amazon link

I can totally relate to this story! A soldier comes back after a long tour of duty, and both he and his wife have to figure out how to adjust to civilian life. The author is fantastic at writing realistic stories, so this one should be pretty spot on. And I bet there will be lots of spankings. 😉


marines pet          Amazon Link

This one sounds fun! A Marine Corps Sergeant takes his bratty neighbor in hand.  Pet Play, BDSM, lots of spankings!


safeinhisarms_full       Amazon Link

Yum! Former marine. One night stand leads to accidental pregnancy. He comes back as a Black Ops agent, and protects her from bad guys. Sexy, yummy. Loved it! (Have I ever mentioned how much I love Renee? I’ll mention it again 😉 )


something has to give         Amazon Link

I loved this book. (Okay, I love everything Maren writes, but still… 🙂 ) A hot former soldier, whose wife left him while he was deployed; her loss- this guy is AMAZING! Lots of sparks between him and the “squatter” who took over his home. So much fun! 🙂 this was part of the Naughty List box set.


captain my cpt      Amazon Link

This one sounds sexy and fun, and I have to admit, I get all swoony over a man in uniform. 😉


Happy Memorial Day, friends! Hope you find a good soldier to help you get your “spank on” this weekend.

thank you patches













Keriann McKenna visits – with The Key to Annie’s Heart

I’m over at Cara Bristol’s today, and I have Keriann McKenna visiting me with an excerpt from her debut spanking romance. 🙂  This one sounds sweet and sassy, and I have already loaded it on my Kindle. And don’t you love this cover?


key to annies heart



To live a rancher’s life in the Rocky Mountains had always been Mac’s dream.  He loved his place on Fall River.  He was a success by anyone’s measure, except his own.  He failed to keep his wife content to be at home, although “home” was a dream put to architectural drawings.  Too many nights she preferred to stay in town with friends rather than make the trip up the mountain.  She liked to party, and winding mountain roads coupled with too much to drink ended her life.  Could Mac ever forgive himself for his wife’s death?

In all his ways Mac was basic, even when it came to sex.  He was a standard missionary position kind of guy with an occasional variation.  That would have to change; he wanted a wife and a family—a second chance.

Annie Campbell was a busy event planner at a five star hotel in the city.  Fiercely independent, she wouldn’t consider herself sexually savvy; she certainly was open to new experiences.  It had been six lonely years since her husband died.  It was time to move on and setting her fears aside, she joined an Internet dating site.

After reading what she considered to be a damn near perfect profile, she sent Mac a brief note and waited.   He had no idea just how independent she was.  She had no idea how over-protective he was—but they were about to find out.

Could Mac pull it off?  Could a country guy woo a city gal, stop researching how to please a woman, and put it into practice…and what about Annie?  Could she surrender some of her independence and learn to submit to him?  Read their story!

A contemporary western romance, The Key to Annie’s Heart is the first novel in the Fall River Ranch series.  MacDermot’s Bride, Book 2, is scheduled to be released by March, 2015, and will be followed by a prequel, The MacDermot’s of Scotland.  Each is a stand-alone novel intended for mature readers.



As Mac handed each dish to Annie, she picked up her chopsticks and managed to slide some of the food onto her plate.  Mac picked up his chopsticks and with precision selected what he wanted.

Annie pushed her food around on her plate, making an effort to hide how totally inept she was at using those damn sticks.  She peeked over at him and wished she had a dinner roll to help her shove some of the veggies onto her sticks.

Out of the corner of his eye, Mac watched as she tried to pick up a glazed onion by pushing it against a piece of chicken.  It looked like she had it almost up to her mouth when the tips of the sticks quickly slid past each other and with lightning speed the onion flew toward Mac landing on his sleeve.  He could no longer conceal his grin.

“Oh Mac, I’m so sorry!”  Tears were beginning to well up in her eyes as she carefully removed the onion and tried to clean his sleeve with her napkin.

“Let me help you,” he offered, barely able to stop the laugh which was begging to escape.  He reached over and took her hand.  With one swift move, he stabbed a piece of chicken and guided it into her mouth.

“Mmm, good,” she mumbled, her mouth full of food.

“Darlin’, many people never master the technique of using these things.”  There was a combination of empathy and controlled laughter in his voice.

“I feel like such an idiot,” she proclaimed, looking at two very simple little sticks.

Without further comment, he took the chopsticks from her hand.  “Let me feed you.”

“No way!   Just get me a fork and I’ll be fine,” she assured him.

“I don’t think so; I may not get this opportunity again.”  Taking his sticks, he picked up veggies and lo mien noodles and held them in front of her mouth.

“Open wide,” he said.

“Mac, really, this is embarrassing.”

“Oh Darlin’, to the contrary, it is wonderfully sexy.”

“Oh you think so?  I feel like a helpless baby,” Annie protested.

“Annie, there are times when I would love you to be my helpless baby.”

Thoroughly humiliated, and at the same time thinking that being his baby could be a bit erotic, Annie resigned herself to being fed and opened her mouth.  She had to admit, as she began to relax, this was the sexiest thing he’d done all evening.



Hi Readers, thanks for reading The Key to Annie’s Heart; I hope you enjoyed it and will leave a review.

I’ve been writing for most of my life.  My first love was music and lyrics and my first song was a dreadfully simple little tune about a boy I was madly in love with at fourteen.  I’m certain I drove my grandmother to distraction as I wailed this boy’s name from the piano in the living room at every opportunity…romance was in my heart even at a young age.

Later in life I developed my craft as a poet and published work in anthologies.  I still write poetry but am dipping my toes in the waters of romance, both sweet and steamy.

I was born in a small community in Upstate New York, but left as soon as I bought a decent car that didn’t require more oil than gas…I’m not kidding.  I used to pull into a service station, hand the attendant five bucks for gas and tell him to fill it up with drain oil.

I lived in Canada and the Midwest for several years before settling in the Seattle area with the love of my life.  I now live in the foothills of the beautiful Rocky Mountains near my family; I’m retired from the counseling field although I still work crisis intervention two nights a week.  I consult with and edit for other authors into the wee hours of the night, and I rescue senior dogs and give them a forever home.

Webpage:  http://keriannmckenna.com

Blog: http://keriannmckenna.weebly.com/   

Facebook:  https://www.facebook.com/keriann.mckenna

Twitter:  https://twitter.com/KeriannMcKenna


A question for Keriann:

Does Prince Charming exist?

Of course he does.  Prince Charming is the man who couldn’t live a day without you.  He shares your values and respects your opinions.  He is a man who respects women in general, but especially his mother and you, his princess.  He also loves children and sets a good example for them.  Prince Charming doesn’t need to raise his voice, doesn’t need foul language to express himself, and doesn’t need to yell or destroy things when he feels anger.  He’s not perfect; he doesn’t need to be.  He only needs to be perfect for you.  In touch with his shortcomings/faults, he works on them.  He may or may not ride a horse, his domicile may not be a castle, but when you’re in his arms you feel loved and safe.


Buy on Amazon

Stevie MacFarlane visits!

Displaying TroublewithAbby-SM

I am so excited to have Stevie visiting today. I love the OMalley’s! (It’s a huge family of spankers. What’s not to love? 😉 )



“Connor McCabe, are you telling me that you actually enjoy…” she swallowed with difficulty and began again.  “Did you say you derive sexual pleasure from paddling my ass?  That it’s not just for discipline as you’ve always insisted?” she gasped.

“Oh it’s nearly always for discipline,” he replied, smiling.  “Thankfully you give me plenty of reasons to spank you, but do I like it?  You bet I do,” he admitted, grasping her hips and pulling her naked pussy snuggly against him.

Abby grasped his shoulder and stared into his eyes.  His hard cock was now nestled securely between her pussy lips and the heat of it seared her.

“I love turning your little bottom berry red.  Holding your hot cheeks in my hands as I sink my cock into you while you squirm is incredible.  Your sexy whimpers and moans fire my blood like nothing ever has.”  Feeling the moist heat of her core getting slipperier by the second, he ground her to him with a strong arm around her hips.

“I love making you mind me.  Watching you stand in the corner with your nose to the wall, your sweet little bottom wearing my handiwork after you’ve been punished is unbearably moving,” he admitted, apparently without an ounce of shame.

“So if I were good all the time, I mean if I could be, you would miss spanking me?” she asked in a breathy whisper.

Connor laughed.  “I would miss it terribly.  Of course you’ll understand why I’m not worried about it,” he teased, bending to suckle her nipple for a moment.

“But you would stop, if I were good, right?” she asked hesitantly and held his head to her breast, her head dropping back as pleasure rushed through her.

“If you were a good girl,” he murmured, moving to her other breast and rasping his tongue across its peak, “and I mean a very good girl, I would have no reason to spank you…unless you wanted me to.  Would you want me to, Abby honey?” he whispered, holding his breath.

“I don’t know,” she sighed, bowing her back to give him better access.


Abigail Steven’s life changed the moment she woke up in Connor McCabe’s bed. The former Navy Seal has his own code of conduct, and is hell-bent on teaching Abby a thing or two about proper behavior, for her own good, of course. Abby thinks the bossy, overgrown G.I Joe is gorgeous. He made her heart flutter and her knees weak, but she is perfectly capable of taking care of herself. After all, she has a black belt for cripes sake.

Connor disagrees and has no problem pulling her over his knee for a little convincing. Adjusting a naughty female attitude is right up his alley. When trouble comes to The O’Malley family, Abby and Connor suddenly find themselves up to their necks in danger. The women need a hero, but who will it be?


Buy on Amazon

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Questions for Stevie 🙂

Is there a message in your novel that you want readers to grasp?

The message in all of my books is love.  It’s as simple as that.  There is no replacement for family and by family I mean a group of people who love and care for each other. I had a woman write to me and tell me that after reading The O’Malley books she is now driving two hours every Sunday to have dinner with her family.  See, she gets it, family is everything.

What are your current projects?

Wow, there is so much going on right now.  I’m corroborating with Keriann Mckenna on a couple of novels.  I’m working on a time travel/western that’s moving along quickly.  I have a para normal I’m fooling around with as well as a short story.  Now readers are asking for a story with Cherry and the ‘bobby guard’ from this book.  Lol, I can’t write fast enough.

Do you have any advice for other writers?

Yes, don’t give up and try not to get discouraged.  If this is your dream, don’t pack it away for twenty years like I did.

Do you have anything specific that you want to say to your readers?

Just thank you from the bottom of my heart.  Your support, your letters mean so much to me.  It seems just when I’m at my lowest I open an email and there you are, encouraging me, loving my stories and cheering me on.  I’ve made some wonderful friends and I can’t thank you enough.

Author Bio:

Stevie MacFarlane lives in rural upstate New York with her family.  When not cooking for her large family she can be found curled up with a good book or writing her heart out.  She currently has eleven books published and you can find them on Blushing Books, Amazon, Barnes & Nobel as well as other popular sites. You can connect with Stevie in the following ways and she loves her hear from readers.

Website: http://www.steviemacfarlane.com

Blog: http://steviemacfarlane.weebly.com

Facebook:  https://www.facebook.com/stevie.macfarlane.7

Email:  www.steviemacfarlane@aol.com

Twitter: @StevieMac1175

Amazon Author Page:  http://amzn.to/1ux9Qoq