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Spanking A-Z Challenge, K: Kinky K words :)

spank A2Z

Welcome back for day “K” of the Spanking A-Z Blog Challenge.

Kathy Batts was kind enough to share a sexy alphabet blog page she had found. 🙂

There were too many wonderfully kinky “K” words to choose from, so I decided to have fun, and use as many as I could.

Here goes:


Once upon a time, there was a young man named Karl. He was from Kalamazoo, and only used “K” words in all of his activities.

After keeping the census down (1), regularly for two years, he met a small group of young, karenas (2), and decided to embark on a kinky adventure.

Kayla was a kit kat shuffler (3), and wanted nothing to do with his Kosher dill (4), unfortunately, so he was forced to kill 45 seconds (5) on his own.

He moved on to Kendra, a kootch dancer(6), who did not appreciate his keyhole whistling (7), so he was forced to once again, kick the gong around(8).

He met Kenzie the next day, and she was everything he could have dreamed. She loved kneeling at the alter(9) and gave special attention to his kidney wiper(10). But she was a bit too kinky for his tastes. She had Knismolagnia(11), and sounded like a braying mule when she laughed.

He spent the next day in the bed of a wonderful woman named Kerri, who let him suck on her kajooblies(12), and lick her kettle(13). She was most definitely the woman for him- until he saw the prescription for Kwell(14) on her kitchen counter.

He knuckled the bone(15) for a few for days, until coming across an ad in the paper.

“Wanted: Man to kick the back door(16) in while I fondle his knacks(17).

Signed, Kourtney


Upon meeting the lovely Kourtney, she burst into tears, proclaiming she couldn’t do it. She suffered from Kolpophobia(18).

Karl gave up and went home.

The next day, he changed his name to Doug.



Terms used:

1. masturbating 2. attractive women 3.female masturbator

4. circumcised penis 5. Masturbate 6. Exotic dancer 7. perform cunnilingus

8. Masturbate 9. perform oral sex or bend over for anal

10. penis 11. sexual arousal from being tickled 12. Breasts 13. Vagina

14. medication to cure scabies and pubic lice 15. Masturbate

16. anal sex 17. Testicles 18. fear of genitalia



Thanks for joining me today 🙂

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